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Protector II

High Survivability • Lowest Weight • High Payload Capacity • Ease of Maintenance • Commonality of Parts 
The Protector II vehicle platform has been designed to be a highly mobile 4x4, with the lightest weight and highest survivability protection known internationally in the light armored vehicle (LAV) class. The baseline vehicle has a seven (7) metric ton curb weight while allowing for STANAG III blast protection and up to five (5) metric tons of payload. It is easily air transportable by C-17, C-130, and C-5 or under slung by a CH-47 to even the most remote areas of conflict. In addition to the focus on survivability, flexibility and growth are key features of the platform.


MAV has incorporated a mine blast and ballistic protected capsule with Jankel Tactical Systems BLASTech Seat Range, a blast mitigating flooring solution and a spall liner with acoustic and thermal properties into a total survivability solution. This combination of design and technology has allowed the Protector II to provide proven STANAG Level III blast protection while maintaining a curb weight of seven (7) metric tons. Scalable add-on armor packages can provide additional protection against IED attacks and armor-piercing ballistic rounds. ​​