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Ret. MAJ. GEN. Engineer Mostafa Ramadan,
Chief Engineer and International Representation.
Engineer Mostafa is a former MAJ. GEN. of the Egyptian Air Forces. He graduated the Egyptian Military Technical Academy in 1985 with a Bachelor of Engineering Division of mechanics - specialization structure and engine.

Engineer Mostafa has over 30 years of experience within the EAF. He occupied several position within the EAF, such as; Engineering department assistance for technical support, Chief engineer for aircraft intermediate overhaul and repair shop, Chief engineer of mishap investigation department, Chief engineer of F-16 regiment, Chief of maintenance control in F- 16 regiment, Squadron engineer for F- 16 regiment, and F -16 maintenance officer.

Engineer Mostafa also was a member of several international projects, such as; Maintenance control training course, USA. Airplane general training course, USA, and mutual training between EGYPT & JORDAN