MD 530F
High speed, high altitude lift, hot day operation, increased thrust, and low cost.
Available in commercial and weaponized platform
​​The MD 530F® is engineered to meet your requirements for hot-day, high-altitude operation. Equipped with the 650 shp Rolls-Royce 250-C30 engine, the MD 530F® operates more effectively in hot, high environments than other helicopters in its class. It offers the performance you need… at a lower cost of ownership.
The MD 530F®'s high altitude lift capability is achieved by main-rotor blades six inches longer than the MD 500E®. The tailboom is extended eight inches and the tail rotor blades have been lengthened to provide increased thrust and directional control at high altitudes.
Proven reliability, fail-safe design and the worldwide network of factory-authorized service centers assure customer satisfaction.

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Century Dynamics is a proud distributor for MD Helicopters.

We offer a full turnkey project planning and solutions for Military, Law Enforcement, and Commercial users.
Our platforms are designed to accommodate for Military, Law Enforcement, VIP, utility, EMS, and SAR use
From supplying the aircrafts, to engineers and technicians training on repairs and maintenance, including consistent supply of spare parts, consumables, and maintenance supplies.
Pilot training on basic operations and special missions for Military, Law enforcement, commercial, and flight simulators for ground training.
Ground Support Equipment, from dollies to heavy cranes based on the landscape and your environment requirements, we can offer it.
Our experienced and seasoned engineers, former operators and project managers can take what may be a thought, dream, or a long-term goal to an actual existing reality where your organization can be 100% self-sufficient while operating any of the platforms we offer to its fullest capacity.
Contact us today, let us learn about your long and short term goals, we can help!

MD Helicopter offers many other platforms.
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Multi-Purpose. Affordable. Dependable. High-Performance.
Available in commercial and weaponized platform
​​An international helicopter industry advisory board guided the design and development of the MD Explorer® with an objective to produce a multipurpose twin-engine helicopter that would set new standards in performance, affordability, dependability and safety.
The MD Explorer® was initially certified under FAA Part 27 in December 1994, and is currently certified by FAA and JAA for day/night VFR and single pilot IFR with full Category A design standards to JAR-OPS 3 performance Class I.
Powered by two Pratt and Whitney Canada PW207E engines, the MD Explorer® features a fully articulated main rotor system, bearingless composite flexbeams and rotor hub. Anti-torque control is provided by the patented NOTAR™ system that reduces pilot workload and external noise levels, and significantly improves safety in confined areas and on offshore platforms.
The six-place MD Explorer® cabin is the largest in the light twin class and is accessed through two 52 inch (1.32m) sliding cabin doors and a large baggage compartment. Energy absorbing, stroking cabin seats meet stringent FAR Part 27.562 requirements up to 30g at 30 feet per second. The large cabin makes the MD Explorer® ideally suited for rapid role change from an Offshore/Onshore six-place passenger transport to Emergency Medical Services or Law Enforcement missions. Large selections of optional equipment have been fully qualified to meet various operational requirements. A heavy-duty cargo hook permits 3,000-pound (1360-KG) external load operations.
MD Explorer® safety and maintainability are enhanced by built-in HIRF and lightning strike protection, built-in maintenance steps and platforms, and a composite airframe that is resistant to corrosion in a hostile marine environment.​​Type your paragraph here.

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