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Ret. MG, Pilot Mohamed Asem Abd-Elhafiz

President & CEO

Century Dynamics, LLC

Former Fighter Pilot, EAF

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), USA (EMB-145 & B737-NG)
PhD in Science of Aviation and Airport Management, USA
Masters in Military Science, Egypt
Bachelor in Aviation and Military Science, Egypt

Mr. Mohamed is a former MAJ. GEN. Fighter Pilot of the Egyptian Air Force, retired from the EAF after his last assignment as an EAF commander Assistant. Mr. Mohamed was born on Marsh of 1956, in the city of Asyut, Egypt. He started his career with the EAF right after he joined the Air Force High School, at the age of 15 years old. He graduated from the EAF academy in 1976 and moved through the ranks of the EAF until his last rank of MAJ. GEN. which he occupied for Five years.  Mr. Mohamed occupied several positions within the EAF, starting as a chief of security of F-16 airbase, F-16 squadron commander in 1994, F-4 Wing commander in 2001, and a maximum-security airbase commander in 2006.

Mr. Mohamed also occupied several executive positions within the EAF such as, Commander of Quality Control Dept. 2011, Western Air Command Commander 2009/2011, Southern Air Command Chief of Staff 2009, Southern Air Command Chief Operation 2004, Vice of Chief Operation Dept. 2007, Chief Operation Assistant of Operation Dept. 2006, and lastly his assignment as the EAF Commander Assistant in 2012. Shortly after Mr. Mohamed retired from the EAF and moved to the US he became a commercial pilot for ExpressJet Airlines, USA. 

During Mr. Mohamed’s service with the EAF he was assigned several international projects within many countries around the world such as Chief of Egyptian Delegation Representing Egyptian Air force in Re-Developing the E2C program in Virginia, USA, 2009. In 2008, he was the Chief of Egyptian Delegation Representing Egyptian Air force in Re-developing the Apache program with Lockheed Martin, Arizona, USA. In 2006, he  was a member of the Egyptian Delegation Representing Egyptian Air Force in the Eastern Supplements project Kazakhstan. In 2004 he was a member of the Egyptian Delegation Representing Egyptian Air Force in the Ellen and Itars Electronic Warfare C-130 with Lockheed Martin, San Antonio, USA. In 2003, he was a member of the Egyptian Delegation Representing Egyptian Air Force in Re Developing the Mirage 5 project with Dessau Company France. In 1999 to 2000, he was the liaison Officer to the U.S. to Supervise Technical Trainees at Lockheed Martin for Peace Vector 5, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Mr. Mohamed was also a member of the Egyptian delegations Representing Egyptian Air Force in Following Countries: France, Czechoslovakia, England, Germany, Spain and Jordan - Member of the Bright Star Participant held in Egypt as a Squadron Commander and as a Chief of Staff. 

Mr. Mohamed Has over 5000 Flying hours on Different types of fighter jets, commercial jets, and propeller aircrafts, such as, F16 Block 40 - F16 Block 32 - F5 - F4 E - F6 (MIG. 19) - Piper Apache - MIG 17 - MIG 15 - L29 - EMB 145 - B737NG. He was instructor Pilot, Day and Night Transition, air refueling and Night Vision Equipment (Lantern, Path Finder – Sharp Shooter) F4 E and F16 Block C. GPU 15 Course, and Functional Check Flight Pilot (FCF) F4E.